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Perpetua g_cork®

g_cork is the essence of our idea of design beyond form. At first glance it might look like a simple stopper but g_cork is not only this: it writes just like Perpetua the pencil. By combining patented production processes and materials, a new object that tells how design and Made in Italy talent can give life to unique intuitions and innovations is born.


La collezione

Perpetua g_cork®

Kit contains: g_cork red, green, yellow, natural cork, blue and white with their packaging.

Il pack

Perpetua g_cork®

Pack of 6

Kit contains: g_cork red, green, yellow, natural cork, blue and white with their packaging.

Risorsa 2.png

Customizable with laser engraving on the flat side

Risorsa 2.png

NGS - No Glue System

Risorsa 3.png

The shape of the stopper prevents direct contact of the stem with impurities on the surfaces

Risorsa 3.png
Risorsa 1.png

Zantech® 100% recovered and recycled graphite powder

Risorsa 4.png

Has a single flat side for better adhesion to the surface


Sughera 70% recovered and recycled cork

Tailor made

Customize Perpetua g_case and become an active member of our community!



g_cork was born from the encounter between two realities that make innovation related to the recovery of materials, one of the fundamental aspects of their corporate identity: Mixcycling, innovative startup in the creation of sustainable materials from waste fibers, and Alisea. Two companies that contaminate each other, sharing know-how, values and vision with the common goal of recovering industrial waste to create sustainable design objects with high added value.

G-CORK 2019_edited.png


g_cork is a design stopper.

It combines patents and materials in circular economy: Zantech® (patented by Alisea and made of 100% Upgraded Recycled Graphite) and Sughera (patented by Mixcycling and made of 70% recycled cork). The two materials blend together thanks to an innovative co-molding system NGS (No Glue System). Design by Marta Giardini and Mixcycling.


Sughera, in the 6 different colors, only uses pigments of vegetable origins (FDA certified), suitable for contact with food.

Shape and design

The iconic shape of the g_cork head is designed with a single flat side both to prevent the cork from coming into contact with any impurities and to give it stability when placed on any surface.

G_CORK_6 PACK_3.jpg

The Packaging

  • Black honeycomb cardboard with Havana core

  • Diameter 15 cm

  • Thickness 1 cm

  • 100% recyclable in the separate collection of paper

  • Customizable according to request

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