Oggetti Perpetua frutto di innovazione, economia circolare, sostenibilità, esperienza, made in Italy

Perpetua Objects

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Perpetua the pencil

A real revolution in the world of writing. Perpetua, the only one born in Italy, is the only in the world made of recovered graphite powder. Patented by Alisea. 

Perpetua the pencil is realized in zantech, 80% recycled graphite powder. Ecological and green
Perpetua recorder the magnetic notebook magnetically attracts Perpetua the pencil

Perpetua recorder

the magnetic notebook

We wanted to magically connect Perpetua Magnetica the pencil and its notebook. Because a pencil without a notebook does not write and a notebook without a pencil is useless.


Conceived as an extension of your pockets, g_case is the ideal place to hold all the essentials in a small space. 

Perpetua g_case 100% cotton, made in Italy, printed with recycled graphite powder. Graphic design by Marta Giardini
Perpetua notebook does not cut off trees. Pages in 100% recycled paper, cover in FSC certified Ecophilosophy paper.

Perpetua the notebook

The perfect companion for Perpetua the pencil: Perpetua the notebook, the ideal space to collect your reflections and ideas without depriving the planet of a single tree.

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