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Perpetua Recorder
Pieces of Venice
the magnetic notebook

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Venetian briccola

"The briccola, the unmistakable oak poles that guide boats in the Venetian Lagoon, last 10, 15 years at most. Then tides, waves and organisms like teredines eat them. Being a briccola is a wearing job! And so they get replaced, because without them the Lagoon wouldn't exist, people wouldn't know where you can navigate, and we'd spend our time unhooking boats from the shallows. Imagine with the fog."​


A. Boscolo, fisherman from the Venice Lagoon

The meeting with Pieces of Venice

If our foundation is common values - we are both benefit companies- the synergy comes from the common desire to create, through design, a positive impact on the environment, territory and community. Pieces of Venice was born with the mission of reclaiming, with a unique approach, the wood of the briccole removed from the lagoon. From our meeting Perpetua Recorder Pieces of Venice, with its innovative cover made of recovered oak, was born.


A valuable
reclaimed material

As the briccole merge with the ecosystem, the elements make the oak more and more unique, lived-in, and fascinating. So before they collapse in on themselves, the City of Venice takes care of replacing and disposing of them. This is where Pieces of Venice, also part of the lagoon ecosystem, comes in, giving them new life through advanced carpentry techniques. 

This version of Perpetua Recorder is an example: the cover is made precisely from the oak that has lived in this rare and precious ecosystem for years. Telling about it through responsible objects is a way to protect it, to make it last and, why not, to be able to always carry a "piece of Venice" with you.

The collection

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Perpetua Recorder
Pieces of Venice

A unique writing tool where the cover attracts magnetically Perpetua the pencil. 

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