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Perpetua il taccuino 100% made in Italy. Gli interni sono 100% in carta riciclata. Cover in carta Ecophylosophy certificata FSC CW


the notebook

The perfect companion for Perpetua the pencil: Perpetua the notebook, the ideal space to collect your reflections and ideas without depriving the planet of a single tree.

Graphic designer Marta Giardini.

Perpetua notebook to write ideas and thoughts without cutting down trees. Sustainable.

The collection

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Perpetua il taccuino (complete set)

Each set contains four Perpetua notebooks in four different colors and graphics. This is the perfect object on which to write with Perpetua: made of 100% recycled paper and the cover page in Eco-philosophy paper.

Risorsa 3.png

Natural rubber O-ring

Exclusive Artwork by Marta Giardini

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Risorsa 1.png

32 sheets

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Dimensions 14,8x21 cm

Tailor made

Customize Perpetua the notebook and become an active member of our community!

Perpetua notebook tailor mde

It is eco-friendly

  • The inner pages are made of 100% recycled paper (Favini papermill): No tree has been cut down to produce the pages of Perpetua the notebook.

  • The cover is made of Ecophilosophy paper, a special paper that combines an elegant textured embossed finish and an incredible resistance to wear and moisture. The paper has FSC-CW certification for its origin from sustainable crops.

  • Printing is made with soy-based inks by Grafiche Antiga, a printing industry that uses a latest generation photovoltaic system that allows annual savings of 760,000 kg of CO2.

gli interni di Perpetua il taccuino sono realizzati in carta riciclata al 100%. Cover in Ecophilosophy certificata FSC-CW. Inchistri per la stampa ecologici a base di soia

It is creative

The two O-rings, elastic bands that seal Perpetua the notebook are made In Italy and use exclusively natural rubber extracted from the plant and coloured with ingredients of vegetal or mineral origin.

They can turn into multicolour bracelets. 

It is responsible

It is the young people and volunteers of the Agape - Fraglia Cooperative of Vicenza who manage Perpetua's warehouse, logistics and packaging.


The mission of this cooperative is to include people with all kinds of disabilities at work - in the belief that in this way anyone can find their own place within the company. The DNA of Fraglia is identical to that of Alisea: "both realities put people at the centre of their work" - Susanna Martucci, CEO of Alisea and Perpetua.

i ragazzi e i volontari della Cooperativa Agape Fraglia di Vicenza si occupano del confezionamento manuale dei prodotti Perpetua.
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