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endorsed by Perpetua

endorsed by Perpetua 

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Endorsed by Perpetua is a brand that allows companies, from different business areas, to develop new products and new projects using Perpetua skills, communication, know-how, technologies and innovative production processes. 


In this way, the change in production systems is facilitated and accelerated with a view to greater and more conscious respect for the environment, the planet and the people who inhabit it. “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something”. 

Perpetua the pencil and g_jacket endorsed by Perpetua for Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Wrad | graphi-tee

endorsed by perpetua

GRAPHI-TEE™ is the first t-shirt in the world treated with g_pwdr®Technology, a treatment based on recycled graphite powder that offers an alternative to the use of chemical pigments.

GRAPHI-TEE endorsed by Perpetua tinta con polvere di grafite riciclata
g_label endorsed by perpetua stampata con polvere di grafite riciclata

Panama trimmings | g_label

endorsed by perpetua

Not merely a label, but the first in the world to be printed by using g_ink, the only pigment based on recycled graphite powder. A different and alternative solution to the use of chemical pigments that revolutionizes the world of fashion in a sustainable way. 

Labrenta | g_cork

endorsed by Perpetua

g_cork is innovative as it combines, through a no-glue injection system, recycled graphite (Zantech) and recovered cork. Coloured with FDA-certified ingredients, g_cork is a design cork, with a natural core, pleasant to the touch and above all respectful of the Planet we live in.

g_cork endorsed by Perpetua il primo tappo dove polvere di grafite e sughero riciclati si fondono senza uso di colle
endorsed by perpetua processi produttivi innovativi in economia circolare

“We want to make the world we live in a better place by reinventing materials and production processes.


However, we are aware we cannot do this alone, no one can.


We believe that the only possible way is by sharing our twenty years of experience with those who have the same entrepreneurial DNA to create an ecosystem geared towards change.”

Our technologies

Discover our materials, our patented technologies and the objects we created with them. 


Zantech® is an innovative material created and patented by Alisea. It is made of 80% graphite powder waste - 100% recovered from the industrial processing of the electrodes – and a special compound that gives objects impact resistance and durability.


A non-toxic material ideal for solutions in the food industry.

Zantech, patented by Alisea. 80% recycled graphite powder. Resists impacts and does not dirty your hands
g_ink is the first and only pigment made with recycled graphite powder fot silk screen printing of paper and fabrics.


g_ink is the first and only pigment made with recycled graphite powder which offers a perfect alternative to the use of chemical dyes in silk screen printing of paper and fabrics. 

g_pwrd Technology

g_pwdr is an innovative material designed by Alisea that gave rise to the g_pwdr Technology production process (patented by Alisea). g_pwdr comes as a gel, composed of 60% graphite powder waste, 30% water, 5% special compound and 5% antibacterial agent. With this material, for the first time, graphite powder waste from industrial processes is recycled to be used to treat garments and fabrics. 


Compared to other techniques currently in use, g_pwdr Technology allows to:

  • reduce water consumption by 90%;

  • reduce electricity consumption by 47%;

  • avoid the use of additives and chemical pigments.


Fabrics treated with g_pwdr are characterized by:

  • a unique shade of grey that cannot be obtained with any chemical dyeing process;

  • soft touch, obtained without the use of fabric softeners, but solely thanks to the lubricating properties of graphite;

  • a unique, unrepeatable touch, due to the innate abrasive properties of the graphite powder.

g_pwrd Technology i an innovative gel made of recycled graphite powder used to treat and dye fabrics without using chemical pigments
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