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Solo® Perpetua®

Solo®Perpetua® is the result of the symbiosis of innovative production processes shared between Alisea and Pennelli Faro. 
Solo® the brush is made of PBT, a material derived from the recovery and recycling of PET from post-use plastic bottles, while Perpetua® is the revolutionary pencil made of Zantech®, an innovative and technological material made of Upgraded Recycled Graphite from the waste of industrial production of electrodes. It is not only a unique object with an innovative design, but a service for the Environment, the Territory and the Community too.


The collection


Solo®Perpetua® is a recycled graphite pencil that incorporates a brush, Solo®, on its end. 6 are the different colors of its bristles: white, black, red, green, blue, yellow.

Solo® is a mono-material brush made of 100% PBT. 
60% recovered and recycled post-consumer PET.

It does not break if dropped

Perpetua 80% Upgraded

Recycled Graphite

It can be sharpened but also writes without a tip

Risorsa 2.png
Risorsa 4.png
Risorsa 2.png
Risorsa 4.png
Risorsa 4.png

It perfectly shades the stroke of Perpetua

Risorsa 4.png

No glues or protective coatings added

Risorsa 4.png

It has a flat side that prevents it from rolling away (grip control)

Risorsa 4.png

It does not get your hands dirty



Solo® (Patented by Pennelli Faro) is a mono-material brush made of 100% PBT, an innovative material made of 60% recovered and recycled post-consumer PET. Perpetua® (Patented by Alisea) is a pencil made of 100% Zantech, an innovative material in 100% Upgraded Recycled Graphite recovered from the industrial production waste of diamond tools for the ceramic, stone, glass, mechanical and optical industries. The symbiosis between Perpetua® and Solo® is made possible by a co-molding system that avoids using toxic glues or varnishes.

Designed for writing, drawing, shading and watercolouring... but who says that soloperpetua cannot also be used as a make-up brush?



The combination of production processes and patented materials gives rise to a new Perpetua object that embodies Made in Italy design and ingenuity. Its unique flat side created by the designer Marta Giardini gives it a particular and pleasant non-slip effect (grip control) and, at the same time, a perfect adhesion to any type of surface preventing it from rolling away. 

SoloPerpetua is comparable to the 2b hardness of traditional mines.


A revolutionary packaging for a Perpetua object that wants to be a revolution. 

The concept created ad hoc by Daniele Cima for soloperpetua gives it greater value and uniqueness at the same time. The packaging illustrates the characteristics that make SoloPerpetua unique. 

  • Eska cardboard in 6 different colors

  • Thickness 2 mm

  • Closed format 24x11,5 + back 5 mm

  • Open format 24x23,5

  • 100% recyclable in the separate collection of paper

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