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Alfabeto, the 2024 agenda, is a special project born from the collaboration with Tipoteca Italiana, a foundation and a museum that aims to protect the historical heritage of Italian typography. The cover of Alfabeto, created by the designer Franco Chiani, shows 12 typographic fonts: from Bodoni of the late 18th century, to Ornato of the second half of the 19th century, up to Fontanesi of 1954. Alfabeto is a limited edition entirely produced in Italy. 

The cover is sewn on the entire perimeter with cotton thread to avoid the use of glues.

Alfabeto is certified “Printed with sun”, as to print it we only work with industrial plants powered by the latest generation photovoltaic equipment, saving about 760 000 kilograms of CO2 per year. No trees were cut down for the production of Alfabeto.

The covers of the Ecophilosophy agendas are made with a special type of cardboard that combines an elegant embossed finish with incredible wear and moisture resistance. The 100% pure cellulose paper has FSC-CW certification as it comes from sustainable farming; it is water-resistant and fully recyclable. 

Dimensions: 17×24 cm. 

Characteristics: Personal notes, 12-month 2022-2023 calendar, Planner, international holidays, Weights and measures, International dial codes, Address book with email addresses, 8 languages (​​I, GB, F, D, E and CIR, C, ARAB). The internal layout is in red/grey. 

Agenda 2024 | Alfabeto

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