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g_bag is made with g_pwdr technology®, an innovative production process that allows you to recycle 20 g of waste graphite powder by dyeing fabric.

(patented by Alisea)

Compared to traditional dyeing techniques, g_pwdr creates a positive impact because:

  • reduces water consumption by 90%;
  • reduces the waste of electricity by 47%;
  • it does not use chemical additives and pigments.


The fabric treated with g_pdwr is characterized by:

  • the unique gray point that cannot be obtained with any chemical dyeing system
  • softness, obtained without the use of softeners but only through the lubricating properties of graphite;
  • a unique, non-replicable coat due to the abrasive characteristics of graphite powder.


g_bag has been designed not to produce fabric waste during processing and it is for this reason that its dimensions are: 38x43 + 6cm; shoulder strap: 7x100cm

g_bag was born in Italy.



SKU: M.GBRT00001
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