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g_dream: perfecting nature's gifts for a healing sleep.

During sleep, the skin experiences a moment of magical regeneration: the production of collagen (a protein that strengthens blood vessels and makes the skin elastic) and elastin (a protein that determines the elasticity of tissues) increases. Cell division, microcirculation, self-repair of the epidermis, and the level of expelled toxins increase.

So why not create an object that, while we sleep, takes care of and regenerates the skin of the face and eye area?

From the combination of silk and graphite, both engineered from production process scraps, we create g_dream, the night mask that combines and enhances the characteristics of both.

Our partner Cosetex has developed natural knowledge and processes for highly performing, soft, and luminous silk types, which are biological and cruelty-free. T.Silk® (100% virgin silk with sericin proteins) is among these: an evolved and innovative material obtained from waste, revolutionary in silk for fabrics and padding, the result of a research and development process aimed at improving its performance and environmental impact.

And this is where graphite and its characteristics come into play. The treatment with Alisea's g_pwdr® Technology, which uses “Upgraded Recycled Graphite”, applied to Cosetex's T.Silk®:

·  increases hand (the tactile quality of the fabric) and softness;

·  makes the thermoregulation capacity more homogeneous (cool in summer and warm in winter);

·  increases protection from UV rays;

·  gives an exclusive shimmering brightness.

g_dream is hypoallergenic and perfectly compatible with human skin, does not cause micro-abrasions from rubbing, favors thermoregulation and breathability, enhancing the skincare effect. 

Furthermore, it improves sleep quality by maintaining complete darkness that increases melatonin levels.

A second skin that takes care of the face and eye area, making sleep even more regenerating.

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