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Perpetua Recorder the magnetic notebook combines patents and innovative technologies, made in Italy. A unique writing tool where the cover attracts magnetically Perpetua the pencil. Graphic Design Marta Giardini.



15×21 cm, 128 sheets made of recycled paper.

Perpetua Recorder is an integrated writing system. Simple and innovative, it is made in Italy from the symbiosis of 2 different technologies applied to circular economy materials: steel and graphite.



Thanks to recorder we choose to write and share, where, when and with whom we want, our stories, our dreams and our future. In this way we are always free to connect with our thoughts and our creativity without the need for wi-fi or electricity. We want to create and develop innovative technologies to rediscover the skill of our hands, our mind and our ideas. It doesn’t matter who we are or where we come from. We can always make the difference.


Technology and materials

Graphite and steel rewrite the laws of attraction. Perpetua recorder is a magnetic notebook that combines patents and innovative technologies, made in Italy. A unique writing tool where the cover – which uses a thin strip of steel AISI 430 (60% derived from the recovery and recyling of metal scraps) – attracts magnetically Perpetua the pencil. Magnetic Perpetua and its notebook are made entirely of industrial scraps, thus implementing the life cycle and giving birth to new combinations to reduce wastes and promote a new model of sustainable development.

The cover is made of Ecophilosophy (FSC Certified), a special paper that combines an elegant textured embossed finish and an incredible resistance to wear and moisture. It is printed with g_ink, the first and only pigment made with recycled graphite powder, the same of Perpetua the pencil, which offers a perfect alternative to the use of chemical dyes in silk screen printing of paper and fabrics.

The inner pages are made of recycled paper and printed in an Italian production plant powered by a latest generation photovoltaic system that contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 760,000 kg / year. Dimensions: 15×21 cm, 128 sheets.


Artwork "2001: A Space Odyssey"

To express the concept of attraction and freedom, the designer Marta Giardini created the artwork of Perpetua Recorder taking inspiration from Kubrick’s famous masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey”. As the protagonist of the film moves inside the orbiting stations even without gravity, so magnetic Perpetua freely moves on Recorder.


Perpetua Recorder Odissea | The magnetic notebook

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