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Solo®Perpetua® is a recycled graphite pencil that incorporates a brush on its end. A new unique Perpetua Object “we had to invent it”.

Solo® (Patented by Pennelli Faro) is a mono-material brush made of 100% PBT, an innovative material composed of 60% post-consumer PET.

Perpetua® (Patented by Alisea) is a pencil made of 100% Zantech®, an innovative material produced using Upgraded Recycling Graphite recovered from the industrial production of diamond tools for the ceramic, stone, glass, mechanical and optical industries.

6 are the different colors of its bristles: white, black, red, green, blue, yellow.

Designed by Marta Giardini Studio.



  • Has a single flat side that doesn't spin it away (grip control)
  • Writes, draws, shades and watercolors
  • The stroke is comparable to a 2B hardness

Solo®Perpetua®, only for creative minds