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g_pwdr® technology at the Berlin Fashion Week

g_pwdr® technology at the Berlin Fashion Week

Perpetua® we had to invent it presents the
g_pwdr® technology in Berlin

g_pwdr technology products

Perpetua® presents, for the first time ever, at the Berlin Fashion Week, the g_pwdr® technology.

From January 16 to January 18, at the Berlin Fashion Week, he Perpetua team will showcase the latest innovation when it comes to environmental sustainability and energy saving: g_pwdr® technology.

An innovative technology and a new productive process to dye fabrics that utilizes graphite retrieved by the industrial production of electrodes, the same of Perpetua the pencil.

Wednesday, January 17, at 2:30 pm, we will be on stage together with Matteo Ward – CEO of Wrad, a sustainable fashion brand, – to tell the story of the creation of the Wrad products, Endorsed by Perpetua, realized with this innovative tanning process: Graphi-tee, G–Sweatshirt, G-jacket.

During the conference #fashionsustain,  the Perpetua team, in collaboration with Wrad, a sustainable fashion brand, will give a speech to present g_pwdr®.

Stand wrad and g_pwdr at Berlin Fashion week
g_pwdr technology

16-18 January 2018
Stand Perpetua Wrad Italdenim
Hall Arena C -59
Kraftwerk Berlin
Köpenicker Strasse 70
10179 Berlin

Berlin Fashion Week