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Go Lucrezia, Perpetua is with you!

Go Lucrezia, Perpetua is with you!

Why do two brands like Alisea and Perpetua choose to support a young up-and-comer in sport like Lucrezia Beccari?

We want to tell you why we chose to support her, by financing, in part, her education. 

If you are a young sporting talent like Lucrezia, you can choose to study and scale down your efforts in sport or believe in your dream and sacrifice everything, including your education and your future job perspective. If your sport is between those considered “minor” – where there is a lot of passion but the funds available from the association and the federations are low (besides a few lucky cases) – who doesn’t have a wealthy family that can support the significant expenses is usually forced to abandon either the studies or the sport they excel in.

To follow your dreams and sacrifice everything to reach them or to leave your sport ambitions to continue studying and building a more secure career path? 

Perpetua doesn’t think it’s fair that young girls like Lucrezia should be in the condition to take such drastic decisions for their future.
She doesn’t believe it’s fair to renounce following a dream built day after day with hard work and sacrifice.
She doesn’t think it’s right that the only possible alternative is to turn to private institutions that allows for the necessary flexibility for sport and school to coexist. Private schools have such high costs that remain accessible only for those who can afford them, as if talent and dedication could be pursued only among those more well-off.

Who can fill this gap?
For us a possible answer is businesses, by supporting the talent, the commitment and the determination of our youth.
Because who excels in sports, even in those considered “minor”, is helping to grow an identity that is fundamental in our businesses: the Made in Italy. 

So why not imagine a synergy between business, education and sport, precisely because they are different sides of the same diamond, the Made in Italy and its reputation in the world?

This is why we decided to team up, with Lucrezia as our crown jewel. We hope that other businesses will choose to invest in the talents Made in Italy, in any discipline they may excel.

It’s the small acts that can make a difference.

Arena comunica con Perpetua la matita

Arena communicates with
Perpetua the pencil

In Arena, we believe in water. | By learning its challenges, we improve our technology • Excited by its velocity, we master performance • By understanding its endless cycle, we deliver innovation • Ispired by its pureness, we create unique styles • By relying on its essentiality, we extend our knowledge in and out of water • Encouraged by its adaptable nature, we design for aspirants and professionals • In arena, we believe in water, because wherever it flows, water embodies life.

Burning Boards communicates with Perpetua the pencil

Brand known in the world of snowboard retail, Burning Boards wanted its brand to be visible by day and by night. To make this happen, we used inorganic pigments present in nature that capture the sun light as well as artificial light, to then release it in the dark, applying them on both packaging and pencil.

Lega Nazionale Dilettanti comunica con Perpetua la matita

The Lega Nazionale Dilettanti communicates with Perpetua the pencil

The Lega Nazionale Dilettanti finds in passion the recurring element that characterizes also the choice of an object as simple as a pencil. Perpetua represents integrity, respect and solidarity towards the environment and the world of tomorrow. The first pencil realized with recycled graphite, versatile, clean, impact resistant, able to write even if broken in two and blunt.

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