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10 Perpetua the pencil, 10 gifts for Christmas

Perpetua Christmas Pack, the perfect Christmas gift for everyone

For Luke and Martha, that, in their messy architecture firm, can always find dull pencils and never a sharpener. For Andrew, who travels the world climbing mountains and writing stories, looking for something to write with, even in the most adverse conditions, like while hanging from a rock wall. For Alexandra, that is studying to become an astronaut and one day will need to take notes while in space. For Carl, that always drops everything, and founds himself with broken pencils and the lead reduced in crumbles. For Jane, she draws and paints, and in her atelier only beautiful and colored things come and go. For Giulia, the lazy and frugal one of the group, that waits until she uses up the entire pencil, and then finds herself without. For Jacob, the engineer, always inventing something new in his garage, and who’s eyes shine when he hears the word innovation. For Martha, that every summer, instead of going on vacation, goes to help with the Amazonia and Borneo re-afforestation.

Per Natale 10 Perpetua la matita per 10 amici

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