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Innovaction day 2018

Where innovation is, there is our habitat.

DSInnova by Renault Italy is where innovation is.

Innovaction Day - DSinnova Renault Italia
Innovaction Day - DSinnova Renault Italia

It started in 2015 inside the Direction of the Information Systems of Renault Italia, culminating its first year of activity with InnovaCtion Day, a day entirely dedicated to innovation. This year, for the 2018 edition, Alisea, Perpetua ed Endorsed by Perpetua will be there: past, present and future of circular economy.

Besides Alisea, Perpetua and WRAD Endorsed by Perpetua, other 8 prestigious brands will participate to the event on November 9, each one with a space that is an experience and shares a vision of the future. The event was thought, designed and created by the Innova(c)tion Team, a group of collaborators inside the company, under the direction of Luigi Falasco (IT/IS Director).

Our space, dedicated to sustainable innovation, could only be named Re-Evolutionary Room. A place to be discovered, dedicated to our re-evolution of the circular economy, to graphite and to the Jugaad philosophy.

The story we will tell starts with a pencil, but we aren’t talking about just any pencil, there’s so much more to it. Perpetua is a philosophy, an experience, a cultural contamination that involves not just professionals coming from different worlds but also generations apparently distant, that utilize dialogue and collaboration to create new models of business. The common aim is be part of changing the way we think and act to build a better future. For everybody.

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