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Perpetua for COINCASA

With Coin, Perpetua feels right at home.

Starting November 29, Perpetua the pencil will collaborate with Coincasa to bring on the Christmas spirit, dedicated to sustainable innovation Made in Italy.

The collaboration will continue even in the spring of 2018, when Coincasa will present a new eclectic and contemporary collection, that aims to explore the subject of reusing materials: a research that produces items with a story to tell and, at the same time, high quality and functional objects.

You can find the entire Perpetua collection in selected Coin stores, to discover it go to the Store Locator page on our official website.

Where there is beauty, Perpetua the pencil feels right at home.

Coincasa is a Coin brand dedicated to home decoration, that interprets the Italian lifestyle with creativity and passion. The collections are unique, thanks to the attention to details, the continuous offer of new patterns and designs and the quality of the materials utilized. The contemporary style and the original mix&fusion that represent the style of Coincasa bring personality and a touch of exclusivity to every home.

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