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Perpetua Forest Project

Non abbatterli non basta, è ora di  piantarli!

Not cutting them down isn’t enough, it’s time to plant them!

We care for the forests from the beginning and this is why we never cut any tree to make Perpetua the pencil. But during these difficult times for the environment, this isn’t enough. That’s why we decided to devote 40% of the profits from our e-commerce to a crowdfunding, starting December 14, 2018, until January 3, 2019, with the aim to plant new trees.

The Project

The idea is simple: to plant trees in order to give back to the Planet part of the vegetation and ecosystems that have been destroyed from human activities and extreme bad weather conditions. Perpetua was born in Vicenza, one of the provinces that was affected the most from the bad weather from last October. On October 29, 2018, the wind and the rain destroyed entire forests, centuries-old trees were razed to the ground from gusts of wind and windstorms that were extremely strong. 100,000 acres have been damaged and millions of trees were taken down. This is why we decided to start from where Perpetua was born, supporting, through our e-commerce sales, the crowdfunding project “Together for the Trees in Veneto” created by PlanBee, in partnership with Treedom and Veneto Agricoltura.

Our Commitment

From December 14th, ’18 until January 31st, ’19, 40% of Perpetua’s e-commerce sales will help the reforestation, starting from our home.

Thanks to the money collected through the crowdfunding, thousands of native trees will be planted: Beeches, Maples, Spruces, Silver Firs, Larches, Ash trees, Birch trees, Mountain Ashes. Veneto Agricoltura, together with public authorities and local partners, is selecting the first areas where the trees will be planted, starting in the spring of 2019.

Our Partners

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