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Perpetua inspires culture

“Just as we go to school to learn to read, write and count, we should, from a young age, go to the museums.” (Anonymous)

Just like every year since 1977, on May 18, the ICOM (International Council of Museums) celebrates the International Museum Day.

The aim of this day is to bring awareness on “what a great tool museums can be to learn about other cultures, for development and understanding, for cooperation and peace between nations”.

Which museums will participate to the International Museum Day? Check the International Museum Day website, which has a map where you can see all the museums participating to this initiative.

The 2018 topic is “Hyperconnected museums: New approaches, new publics“. It invites us to reflect on the role technology and the media play, focusing on how utilizing these tools can engage a bigger audience, bringing it closer to art in a new innovative way.

Here are the hashtags to share your posts dedicated to the International Museum Day: #MuseumDay #IMD2018

Perpetua has been thought, projected and created to be the messenger of values tied to tradition, innovation, culture, becoming an icon of progress by utilizing waste materials through innovative production processes. This is why several museums decided to comunicate their values through Perpetua the pencil.

Perpetua is not just a pencil, Perpetua inspires culture.


The Torino Planetarium communicates with Perpetua the pencil

Guggenheim Bilbao communicates with Perpetua the pencil

Villa Foscarini Rossi Shoe Museum communicates with Perpetua the pencil

The Permanente Museum in Milan communicates with Perpetua the pencil


Perpetua Monumental represents Florence’s Duomo, Verona’s Roman Arena, Milan’s Duomo or Venice’s Grand Canal, Padua’s Sant’Antonio, the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi and Genoa. These 7 Perpetua are just the beginning of a new version of the history of Italy. It’s a trip through Italy’s hallmarks taken through Perpetua and her packaging: a joyful, creative version as well as innovative and eco-friendly. If you use Perpetua you’ll contribute to disposing of tons of graphite, a waste of industrial production, otherwise destined to be put underground.

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