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Perpetua signature edition Victor Perez

From the meeting with Victor Perez at TEDxVicenza, a unique Perpetua has been created: PERPETUA SIGNATURE EDITION.

Perpetua for Victor Perez
Perpetua for Victor Perez

Cosa accade quando due speaker del TEDxVicenza si riconoscono gli stessi valori?

During the second edition of TedxVicenzaVictor Perez, director, producer, screenwriter, and special effects artist, and Susanna Martucci, CEO of

Alisea and the mind behind Perpetua the pencil, meet.

Perez falls in love with Perpetua the pencil, sharing her same values, and decides to spread her message.

With a personalized packaging with Perez’s signature engraved with laser on the flat side, Perpetua becomes the business card that wasn’t there before. And so Perpetua Signature Edition was created.

Perpetua for Victor Perez
Perpetua for Victor Perez

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