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The evolution of an ingredient between circular metamorphoses and unexpected opportunities


At the beginning, nothing more than industrial waste destined for disposal. Then, in 2014 Alisea S.r.l. Benefit Society put it back into circulation by launching “Perpetua the pencil” (Honorable Mention Compasso d'Oro ADI 2016) and, some time later, “Perpetua g_cork” (finalist for the Compasso d'Oro ADI 2024).


In between, a long research and development effort to develop a material that enhances the properties of graphite while eliminating its negative characteristics.


Since then, “Upgraded Recycled Graphite” has been the protagonist of a path of evolution between innovation, design and circular economy. The secret ingredient that transforms with every meeting, giving life to symbiotic results resulting from research and development shared with an ecosystem of businesses, institutions, creative studios and much more. Continue to develop new recipes for unprecedented solutions, continue to imagine new applications and ask yourself: WHY NOT?

This demand shapes a constantly growing ecosystem. 

The ecosystem

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Light Lamp_g

[Zantech + Smart Light Design Lab]

Use graphite to give structure and functionality to a design object? WHY NOT?


The Smart Light Design Lab - Design Campus University of Florence - led by professor Gianpiero Alfarano looked for a way to enhance the characteristics of Zantech to create a lamp. The result? An experimental prototype that uses “Upgraded Recycled Graphite” as structural ingredient and as electrical conductor, whose design is the work of students Erika Del Giudice and Selene Zamberoni.

Perpetua Light

[Zantech + electricity]

Using the semiconductive properties of graphite to light up? WHY NOT?


From pencil to LED lamp capable of operating at low voltage, without the need for external wiring and contacts. It is Perpetua itself that conducts electricity and dissipates heat, thanks to the properties of the Zantech technopolymer, based on "Upgraded Recycled Graphite". Perpetua's unmistakable design creates new light, without stopping writing and erasing


1_Pereptua Light_ALTA.jpg
Perpetua Gala notte_ALTA.jpg

Perpetua Gala

[Zantech + photoluminescent polymer]

Graphite that absorbs sunlight and returns it to the dark? WHY NOT?


Evolve Zantech - a technopolymer composed of 80% "Upgraded Recycled Graphite" - giving it photoluminescence properties. A particular polymer, applied to the writing surface, allows Perpetua Gala to absorb sunlight (or artificial UV light) to return it in the dark, producing a suggestive luminous trail.

A new member of the Perpetua family, already available on our website.

4_g_ink applicato ad acetato_ALTA copia.jpg

g_ink for frames

[g_ink + acetate]

Uniquely protect and finish acetate frames with graphite? WHY NOT?


A varnish that protects and, at the same time, gives a unique finish to acetate eyeglass frames.

g_ink, based on "Upgraded Recycled Graphite", not only makes the frames more resistant to impacts and abrasions but allows for a unique matte black color that cannot be replicated otherwise.


[g_pwdr + T.Silk® = g_silk]

Make silk brighter and more resistant with graphite? WHY NOT?


The treatment with g_pwdr® Technology allows the T.Silk® fabric, developed in partnership with Cosetex, to resist UV rays and, at the same time, gives a changing color effect. T.Silk® uses cruelty free virgin silk fibers. The particular lamellar structure of “Upgraded Recycled Graphite” favors the refraction of light.

2_g_pwdr applicato alla seta_ALTA.jpg

g_cover and GRAPHIT

[g_ink + wood]

Make wood more resistant, durable and unique using graphite? WHY NOT?


The same ingredient, designed to protect different types of wood, developed with two exceptional partners.

g_cover uses g_ink applied to the wooden products of the Arclinea collection and to “Italy” handle.

GRAPHIT is instead g_ink applied to Listone Giordano parquet, both for interiors and exteriors.

Both finishes give material texture, resistance to the oxidation of UV light which protects the color, ability to reflect light, resistance to abrasion, chromatic variety from light gray to black.

3_g_ink applicato al legno_ALTA.jpg
5_Graphii Coat 30 GP_ALTA.jpg
Graphii Coat 30GP 

[“Upgraded Recycled Graphite” + concrete/ terracotta/ steel]

Making bricks and steel more durable by using graphite? WHY NOT?


A patented coating, made with 65% recycled materials or by-products of industrial processes, based on "Upgraded Recycled Graphite". Graphii Coat 30GP is fireproof and mechanically resistant, does not contain organic substances, is a natural rust passivator, VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compound), protects the metal from oxidation, resists corrosion, abrasion and direct sunlight. It resists salt attack and mold, and is able to accumulate and release heat for heating and cooling.

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